A guidepost on how to LIVE with and PREVENT dementia to create a better, just future for the next generation

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Brain Loves Circuits (BLC) de-stigmatises Dementia and replaces fear by understanding, meaningful activities and support through a trusted community.

Brain health is our passion. We simplify the science, address questions and provide a resource hub for psycho-social interventions. We aim to nurture respect, dignity and wellbeing in the lives of people living with Dementia, their care partners and families.

Beyond that, we inspire people to prevent memory decline and to live a life of vitality and joy; because prevention is better than the need for cure.

Our Mission

To create better and fulfilled lives for those living with Dementia and a culture of wellbeing.

Raising awareness by providing expert info- and edutainment on Dementia and brain health.

Encouraging patients living with Dementia and their caregivers to speak up and become advocates.

Overcoming stigma of Dementia by elevating the voice of people living with Dementia, their caregivers and families.

Showcasing a trusted community committed to brain health.

Partnering with other businesses and individuals who offer psycho-social interventions and healthy lifestyle options.

Creating a safe space where people can ask questions, share their knowledge, expertise and experiences, as well as their fears.

Our Values

Our values are our core beliefs. We take care that all our intentions, words, thoughts and behaviours align with our values.


A safe space with a shared purpose in which every individual interacts and benefits.



Listening without judgment. We collaborate, cooperate, consider, and contribute.


We believe that everyone has a right to a meaningful life. Regardless of age, sex gender, ethnic group, level of education, sexual orientation, socio-economic status and cognitive condition.


Sustainable Change

We want to create a better and more just future for the next generation.

Our Team



Dr. Sabine Krofczik-Wilhelm is the founder and the passionate and creative force behind BLC. Sabine has a PhD in Neurobiology and she has managed clinical trials since 2008 with a focus on Dementia since 2015.

Sabine leverages her expertise and network within the dementia space to raise awareness and to create holistic solutions. Sabine was involved in the clinical development of ZEPOSIA® (ozanimod) a prescription medicine used to treat relapsing forms of multiple sclerosis (MS) which received marketing authorisation throughout the European Union in 2020.

Out of personal dismay Sabine started to campaign for the de-stigmatisation of dementia. Sabine also holds an accreditation from the International Society for Animal Assisted Therapy (ISAAT).

Our Partners


Allen Power

Allen Power

Allen is a Geriatrician, author, educator, and composer/songwriter. Allen is the author of the amazing books ¨Dementia Beyond Disease: Enhancing Well-Being' and Dementia Beyond Drugs: Changing the Culture of Care. Allen supports BLC to provide solutions for people with dementia and their care partners.

Patricia Paquete

Patricia Paquete

Occupational Therapist for people with dementia and founder of Humanamente and Demwell. Humanamende supports meaningful activities for people with dementia and Demwell is an application which helps to focus on the person with dementia. Patricia provides education to BLC and supports content development.

Marisa Toldo

Marisa Toldo

Her fathers Alzheimer´s Disease was an experience that transformed her perspective on the work experience and inspired Marisa to develop a new concept for the future work. Marisa provides BLC a unique care partner perspective and supports content development.

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