Dementia Prevention

Dementia Prevention

Experts reported that approximately 40% of dementia cases are connected to 12 risk factors: less education in early life, hearing loss, traumatic brain injury, hypertension, alcohol consumption and obesity during midlife, smoking, depression, social isolation, physical inactivity, air pollution and diabetes in late-life. The ground-breaking FINGER demonstrated that a healthy lifestyle reduces the risk of cognition decline by 30% and even improved performance.

Based on these findings BLC is committed to create a culture of well-being by showcasing lifestyle options that promote brain health.

Prof. Dale Bredesen’s PreCODE protocol aims to optimize brain health and to prevent cognitive decline. The program addresses the following threats:

  1. Prevent and reduce inflammation
  2. Optimize Hormones, trophic factors, and nutrients
  3. Eliminate toxins

BLC founder Sabine is going through the PreCode Protocol herself.

Nutrition and the BLC Farm

A number of studies showed how important a healthy diet is for our brain. BLC recommends the research on nutrition and dementia conducted by Dr. Lisa Mosconi, Director of the Weill Cornell Women Brain Initiative and the plant-based mildly ketogenic diet from the Bredesen Protocol.

BLC founder Sabine is following a combination of the Mediterranean and the Bredesen diet and she started growing her own vegetables in 2021 at a biological farm named Quinta do Poial located in Azeitão, Portugal.

Sabine manages the farm together with her family while they receive support from the Quinta do Poial owner. Sabine says it not only our outdoor supermarket which is open 24hours but it is our happy place. We experience every step from seeding, through care to harvesting and preservation with all our senses and it nourishes not only our stomach but also our brain.

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