Privacy Policy

last updated on: 01.09.2022

BRAIN LOVES CIRCUITS, with headquarters in Azeitão, Setúbal, Portugal hereby defines its Data Protection Policy with a view to protecting the personal data of its clients which is gathered within the scope of its activities in the Health and Wellness environment.

Personal data we gather, their uses and retention period: Personal data gathered, such as, Full Name; Gender; Date of Birth; Place of Birth; Nationality(ies); Telephone / Mobile

Telephone Numbers; Email Address, and having obtained the consent of the individual(s) in question, are destined for use in any future communications from BRAIN LOVES CIRCUITS to the said individual(s) and which could take place by telephone, email, SMS, land mail, for the purposes of marketing, giving information about dementia news, website updates, events etc. and such notifications shall be filed and kept for the period necessary until such time that they have been completely dealt with taking into account necessary legal criteria while minimising their retention time.

Consent from the individual(s) in question regarding their personal data gathered must be obtained beforehand, freely, notified, specifically and unequivocally, in a written or oral declaration, or by the validation of any option. BRAIN LOVES CIRCUITS is responsible for the handling of personal data.

Personal information is kept in secure networks which may only be accessed by a limited number of personnel who have been given the right to special access, and who promise to observe and maintain the confidential nature of such information. Confidentiality and security of data gathered as well as access, corrections or elimination of the same is guaranteed to the individual(s) in question.

To gain access, correct or eliminate any personal data which has been supplied, it is sufficient only to notify such by email to Once such a request has been received, BRAIN LOVES CIRCUITS shall immediately proceed to cancel the data, withholding them and keeping them solely and exclusively for ensuring the fulfilment of its legal and contractual obligations.